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1. Is APOYO Cosmetics a Polish brand?

Yes, we are a Polish brand, with 100% Polish capital.

2. Is APOYO Cosmetics manufactured in Poland?

Yes, all our products and packaging are manufactured in Poland.

3. For people of what age are APOYO Cosmetics products intended?

Our cosmetics are not dedicated to people of a specific age. They were composed for maximum hydration and harmonization, which is essential for skin of all ages.

4. Is APOYO Cosmetics vegan?

Yes, APOYO Cosmetics is vegan and all of its products are certified Viva for Vegan!,which means they contain no animal ingredients.

5. Are APOYO Cosmetics products tested on animals?

No, none of our cosmetics have been tested on animals. This is confirmed by the awarding of the Viva for Vegan certificate!

6. Are APOYO cosmetics exclusively for women?

No, our cosmetics are universal and have also been created with men in mind.

7. Do APOYO cosmetics contain only natural fragrances?

Yes, our cosmetics contain only natural fragrances or essential oils.

8. Are APOYO Cosmetics cosmetics shipped to the European Union?

Yes, it is possible to send cosmetics by courier within the European Union.

9. How long can APOYO cosmetics be stored after opening?

Up to 6 months after opening.

10. Are APOYO cosmetics dedicated to all skin types?

Yes, our cosmetics are formulated for all skin types, but if you have acne, skin allergies or other problems, we recommend reading the ingredients on each product’s packaging or our website.

11. Can APOYO cosmetics cause irritation or allergies?

Allergic reactions are highly individual and depend on the skin’s sensitivity to specific ingredients. Therefore, we always recommend performing a skin test before use, which involves applying a small amount of the product. Our cosmetics have been tested, and the active ingredients have been used in safe concentrations. If you experience any adverse reaction, please inform us immediately. To conduct a tolerance test of the cosmetic, apply a small amount of the product to the skin and observe the skin’s reaction for 12 hours. If irritation or skin lesions appear, stop using the product immediately.

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A dose of nourishing support for your skin Feeling good in your skin - it's natural. APOYO understands this in a unique way. Your skin is your friend - the closest and always ready to support you in everything you do.

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